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Anonymous said: loser?

you’re the one who followed me

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Anonymous said: what is my name

i’m not sure how to answer that. for one thing, your name is a way for people to identify you. in this case, your name is anonymous because that’s the only information i have about you. on the other hand, what’s in a name? a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. so i could call you jeff, tim, or shelby. either way that doesn’t change who you are.

Text 31 Mar The Devil Wears Prada

Heavy Metal has long been associated with everything un-Christian. People are quickly turned off by the loud noises, screaming, and all around chaos created by the hardcore, screamo, death metal, whatever sub-genre you listen to. It helps that whenever a band decides to be explitly Satanic, or in any way anti-Christian, they pick metal. 

As someone who really admires Christian people using their gifts, not to appeal to other Christians, but to witness to non-believers, I am drawn to Christian metal. I especially love bands that receive mainstream success because so many metal fans are turned off by Christianity. 

The Devil Wears Prada is one of my all time favorite bands. That’s saying something because I can count on one hand how many metal bands I like. Devil Wears is a band comprised of Christian guys, but not all their music is Christian. This has made a lot of Christians mad, but whatever. I think it’s great because Devil Wears’ fanbase has many people who could otherwise be listening to music that is very un-Christian. 

For those who hate metal, it is definitely an acquired taste, like coffee. But if you have ever shared an interest, Devil Wears is a great band to start with.


Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord


With Roots Above and Branches Below

Zombies (EP)

Video 31 Mar

Hey John, What’s Your Name Again? From the album Plagues

Text 31 Mar I’m Back…again

So i just got a new follower. I don’t know where that came from. But if people are still following me I guess I should put up some new posts. The one below this is a song by the band I just started called LHDC. We like to call ourselves folk rap. Basically it’s acoustic instruments, and a combination of folk elements and hip hop elements. If you’re interested you can download four songs for free, all thirteen of my followers. 


Audio 31 Mar

Orange Soda. A new song by my band LHDC.

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Text 7 Feb Deas Vail

A friend of mine told me about this band last year and I immediately fell in love with them. Deas Vail is a piano driven indie rock band that utilizes strong, yet implicit, Christian undertones. Their name is a combination of Latin and French and translates to “Humble Servant of God.” They are signed to Mono vs. Stereo along with Relient K and house of Heroes.

Again, Deas Vail is very piano driven. I really love bands that utilize piano in a tasteful way because I feel that so much music today either uses piano as a novelty to add a romantic effect or to make the artist seem like a more well rounded musician. Deas Vail consists of five musicians, but you wouldn’t immediately think so. They all have a minimalist style that gives their music space and allows each member to add their own style to the music. In today’s pop culture, where the music is going 100 mph all the time, Deas Vail’s music provides a refreshing break from the claustrophobic patterns. 

I would compare Deas Vail loosely to Death Cab for Cutie, as the singer has a higher register and their music is pretty laid back. Their lyrics are really powerful and are full of great metaphors and spiritual undertones. 


This Place is Painted Red


All The Houses Look The Same

White Lights

Birds and Cages

Video 7 Feb 1 note

Excuses by Deas Vail

Text 7 Feb Promo for Promo: MusicSaysAll

Hey i know all my followers (all 12 of them) probably already follower this guy, but check out my buddy Zach’s blog http://musicsaysall.tumblr.com/. It’s just a blog discussing everything music. It’s really good.

Text 16 Jan Matisyahu

This post is gonna be a little different. First off, while I decided to talk about Christian bands, this guy isn’t even a Christian. He is a Hasidic Jew. I don’t even know what that means. Secondly, he combines his Jewish heritage with reggae and rock and hip-hop. Yeah.

Matisyahu has a colorful resume, to say the least. He has toured with Phish and Sting and recorded with Akon and P.O.D. 

Here’s why I really love Matisyahu, though. All of his lyrics are explicitly God centered. His fan base, on the other hand isn’t. I saw Matisyahu perform and most of his fans were druggy, sex driven hippies. Yet they knew all the words to all of his songs. Here they are thinking they are listening to reggae-ish music that has good vibes, and at the same time God might be speaking to them. I love that Matisyahu’s biggest fan base is not Christian.

Also, for an artist that has as much commercial success as he does, he stays true to his beliefs. As a Hasidic Jew, his sabbath starts on Friday night or something like that and he will not perform on Saturday. Ever. I think this is awesome. His faith is not a gimmick. It’s real. Also, unlike most Christian music, he finds a way to sing about God without making it cheesy and cliche. 

Matisyahu is for real. He stays true to his faith. Non-believers love his music. He puts on a great show.


2004- Shake Off the Dust…Arise

2006- Youth

2009- Light

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